Calgary Criminal Defence Practice Areas

The Criminal Code of Canada, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and the Income Tax Act contain the most common sets of offences that Canadians may be charged with .

The Traffic Safety Act is an Alberta-wide set of traffic rules similar to ones in other provinces and states. Although there is no criminal record attached to a conviction of a provincial offence,the fines may be more that the fine that results from a sentence for a criminal offence (for example the fines for careless driving).

All lawyers in Alberta are trained to practice in all areas of the law: divorce, corporate, oil and gas, criminal, wills and estate.

Most lawyers choose one or two areas on which to focus their practice. This allows them to better serve their clients because they have developed expertise based on extensive training, mentoring and experience in Court.

Because of their choice of classes in law school; their training with the lawyers they articled, trained or mentored with; and the number of training conferences and seminars they attended and/or presided over, THE LAWYERS AT BOS ARE THE LAWYERS THAT OTHER LAWYERS AND LAW FIRMS REFER THEIR CLIENTS TO WHEN THEY FACE CRIMINAL CHARGES.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have never worked for the police.
  • We have never worked as Crown Prosecutors.
  • We have always known where we stand – right beside our clients, advocating for their rights and for justice.
  • Our choices of law school classes; our early training and mentorship by other prominent defence lawyers; and the conferences and seminars that we have attended and taught have made the BOS team the lawyers that other law firms recommend to clients with criminal charges.