Drug Trafficking in Calgary

Trafficking drugs and other controlled substances in Calgary is a federal crime, which can lead to several different charges under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, as well as possible imprisonment. Being convicted of these crimes can lead to a life of turmoil. Not only are you affected by these allegations, but your family and other loved ones may suffer immensely. Even a simple marijuana possession could alter your life greatly.

For these reasons alone, it’s important to have an experienced, sensitive, and supportive Calgary Drug Trafficking Defence Lawyer at your side. Our Drug Trafficking Lawyers at Blumer Ouellette Solutions will help you through the process to eliminate as much stress as possible, and educate you on all your options.

What is Drug Trafficking?

In basic terms, drug trafficking is any trade, cultivation, manufacture, or distribution of illegal substances. Depending on the seriousness of the crime and other varying factors, a person may have to pay a substantially large fine, face probation, or even be subjected to 6 months to life in prison.

What is the Punishment for Drug Trafficking in Calgary?

As mentioned above, drug charges depend on many different factors. There are two basic classifications of drugs:

Hard Drugs: Highly addictive, dangerous drugs. When someone overdoses, it’s usually due to a hard drug. Some drugs that are considered hard are: Heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, ketamine, special K, etc.

Soft Drugs: Soft drugs are often less addictive and harmful than hard drugs, but are still very much illegal, and can lead to major consequences. Two of the most common “soft” drugs are marijuana and hash.

Can I be convicted of drug trafficking if I was unaware, or I was pretending to sell an item that was disguised as drugs?

Commonly, the intensity of a drug trafficking conviction could be affected by the person’s awareness of the crime. It is possible that you may not have known what exactly you were doing – a friend may have asked you to “drop off a bag to a friend,” and you had no idea what was in the bag. If this is the case, our Calgary Drug Trafficking Lawyers at Blumer Ouellette Solutions, can help build a strong case in your defence.

Our Calgary Drug Trafficking Lawyers understand that mistakes happen, and that being in the wrong place at the wrong time is completely possible. Our Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyers will listen to you, and take you and your future seriously. We believe it’s a crime to convict an innocent man/woman, and are on your side.

If you have been convicted of selling something that was disguised to look like drugs, but was actually not, you may still have a long road ahead of you to prove your innocence. Under the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act, pretending to sell/distribute may still be considered a crime. While the penalties may be a little less harsh, it’s still important to have an experienced Drug Trafficking Lawyer representing you to help lessen the conviction.

What Types of penalties can I face for drug trafficking in Calgary?

Penalties range for drug trafficking depending on the number of times a person has been found trafficking drugs, the type of drug (soft or hard), how much drugs they were trying to sell/were found with, and the person’s history with the law.

Drug Trafficking Lawyers at Blumer Ouellette Solutions

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