Calgary Embezzlement Attorneys

What is Embezzlement in Calgary?

Embezzlement is a property crime, and is considered a theft or a financial fraud. It involves an act of deception by someone who is entrusted to hold money or property for another person, and misusing these assets in a way that was not intended by the owner. Embezzlement can be accomplished by one person or a group of persons.

The Five Elements of Embezzlement

There are five elements of embezzlement that are typically associated with this kind of theft:

  • Fraud – a person willfully converted another’s property to his own;
  • Conversion – unlawful interference with an owner’s property;
  • Property – tangible and intangible properties;
  • Another – a person cannot embezzle his own properties;
  • Possession – the property must have been in lawful possession of another person and then converted for embezzlement to occur.

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