Interview by Police in Calgary

What does an Interview by Police mean in Calgary?

Being arrested is an immensely unpleasant time in any person’s life. Uneasiness, pressure and fear can leave a person admitting to crimes they didn’t commit. Even if the accused is innocent, police interrogations can be intense. But what does an interview by police actually mean? It may mean that you have been arrested at a time when the police do not have sufficient information to charge you with a crime unless you assist them by admitting something to them during an interview.

The ideology behind an interview by police is that they hope you will confess to something they believe you did, or trying to get you to admit something they believe you did. Don’t let an interview by police be your ticket to fines, penalties or jail time. Let the criminal trial lawyers at Blumer Ouellette Solutions guide you through the process and be there with you for any police trickery.

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If you are in an interview by police, admitting anything during the interview is like performing their job for them.

Interview by Police in Calgary

A typical interview by police goes like this:

  • You enter an interview room with the police officer(s) who arrested you;
  • A recording is begun of the interview process;
  • You will be reminded of your rights;
  • You will be interrogated based on what the officer(s) believe you did;
  • You will be asked if you want to share or admit to anything.

DO NOT SAY ANYTHING UNTIL YOU HAVE HAD A PRIVATE DISCUSSION WITH A LAWYER! Tell the police that you insist on calling the criminal trial lawyers at Blumer Ouellette to guide you through the process. Your lawyer will be able to identify the sort of trickery to expect in the questions, and can advise you whether or not to answer any questions at all. Going through an interview by police after arrest is tough – don’t do it alone. Call the criminal trial lawyers at Blumer Ouellette Solutions to give you the advice that you need:1-844-BOS-Team (1-844-267-8326).

Why Choose Us?

  • We have never worked for the police.
  • We have never worked as Crown Prosecutors.
  • We have always known where we stand – right beside our clients, advocating for their rights and for justice.
  • Our choices of law school classes; our early training and mentorship by other prominent defence lawyers; and the conferences and seminars that we have attended and taught have made the BOS team the lawyers that other law firms recommend to clients with criminal charges.