Calgary Licencing Offence Lawyers

Calgary law states that a person cannot operate a moving vehicle if that person does not have a driver’s licence, or if that licence is suspended. Section 94 of the Traffic Safety Act states that a person is disqualified from driving if:

a) The person’s licence was suspended or cancelled;
b) The person is disqualified from driving altogether;
c) The person’s licence (including permits) was cancelled somewhere other than
d) The person’s ability to secure a permit or licence has been disabled.

Licences obtained outside of Calgary (but within Canada) are transferable. However, it is also an offence to have more than one valid licence.

There are four primary ways that a person can lose a licence:

1. Driving under the influence of alcohol;
2. Violation of another criminal code dealing with driving;
3. s.86 of the Traffic Safety Act – failure to fulfill duties after an accident has occurred, failure to follow particular rules of the road, careless driving, speeding, violation of a National Parks Act in application to a Traffic Safety Act ordinance;
4. Failure to pay outstanding fines or motor vehicle judgments or family maintenance payments.

The severity of driving without a licence can vary from a mere suspension of a licence to bigger legal penalties, such as jail time. The Demerit Point System is a closely followed system that is used to penalize certain traffic violations. These traffic violations vary in point values. Once someone gets between 8 and 15 points, they will be notified of their point number. Once 15 is passed, a 1-month suspension of the licence occurs. If more than 15 points accrue twice in two years, then a 3-month suspension of the licence occurs. If more than 15 points accrue three times in two years, a 6-month suspension of the licence occurs.

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