Calgary Work Related Crimes Attorneys

Offences Arising From Your Employment/Job or Work Related Crime

While people are at work, their bosses expect a lot from them every day.

Sometimes, while at their job, someone is accused of not following their obligations to their boss or fellow employees. If these accusations are serious enough, the employer might contact the police and ask that the worker be charged criminally.

Usually, this sort of work-related allegation relates to misbehaviour toward co-workers, or misbehaviour about the handling of money or accounting practices.

If you are charged with assaulting, threatening, or sexually assaulting a co-worker, often your work is suspended immediately. This can affect your workplace reputation as well as your income and prospects for future employment.

If you are charged with any money-related offence, such as stealing or embezzling or fraud where your employer suffers a financial loss, you can expect that your employer will at least suspend you and possibly fire you.

During this time of being accused, your boss or supervisor may want to talk to you about what they think you have done wrong. It is best not to have a discussion until you have had legal advice. This is a very good time to contact the partners at Blumer Ouellette Solutions. We can assist you with deciding what, if anything, you want to say to your employer about their accusations.

When the police become involved, they will likely want to interview you about the accusations. It is very important that you do not have any discussion with them or answer any questions until you have gotten legal advice. You may feel that explaining to the police your reasons for what has gone on or denying any wrongdoing will help you avoid charges.

Our experience at Blumer Ouellette Solutions, in our many years of defending people like you, is that the police are not trying to help you by talking to you. They are trying to find a way to get you to confess to a crime. They will then try to use your discussion in court in an effort to show that you have admitted a criminal act.

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