Calgary Stolen Property Attorneys

People are sometimes charged with a crime for having stolen property in their possession even if they didn’t steal it. Stolen property can refer to money, or motor vehicles or anything at all that the police think that you have with you while you know that it is stolen.

The law about stolen property is quite complicated. For example, if you happen to be in a house or a motor vehicle, and the police search and find stolen property, you might be charged even though you never touched the property or held it in your hands or your pockets or your purse.

It is important to remember, if this happens to you, that the prosecutor’s job is going to be a difficult one – they will have to prove that you knew that the property was stolen, and that you had some sort of control over the property.

You will want to get legal advice before you have any discussion with the police or answer any of their questions. If you say anything to the police that makes them think that you had some knowledge and control of the stolen property, you will have made the prosecutor’s job that much easier.

Be sure to call the partnership team at Blumer Ouellette Solutions as soon as there is any trouble with the police. You will be in a very difficult situation where no one seems to be on your side. Our partners will be on your side from the beginning of your troubles until they have ended.

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